Project - Introduction

Hello my lovely human beings, 

For the next four month's I'll dedicate myself to Portrait Photography with and old film camera, taking portrait's of interesting people in black and white, The plan is to explore and learn more about portrait photography since I'm always been interested in portraiture in  paintings, drawings & photography but never really delved deeper into the photography side of it, with this project I want to get out of my comfort zone and talk to people, explain what I'm doing and photograph them. I want to capture and document  the goodness,  purity, beauty, grace, authenticity, character, but also the struggles of the human spirit.
At the end I'll make a photo book with the pictures and see where the project has lead me towards. (not to publish)

Note to myself: Please continue even if you think it will go nowhere just finish this project, I beg you!
Don't force anything, offer people a copy of the photo, bring the best out of people in your photography, be genuine, and don't judge anyone.
That's about it, I'll just let the journey lead me,
Good luck!

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